J4C Activities - Positions 2013-2014


James City County Citizens’ Coalition

Positions, Statements, Actions

September 2013 – September 2014


 Sep 10 2013          Requested Green Space funds be used for PDR purchases

                                 Supervisors approved a conservation easement to protect Mainland Farm on 10/8/2014       

Ongoing                 Continued support for an underground route in Dominion power line case

Jan 06 2014          Informational Meeting – Dr. Donna Ware, Retired Curator, W&M Herbarium

                        Protecting Unique Botanical Resources in the Grove Creek Watershed

Jan 07 2014          Supported appointing an Interim County Administrator for JCC

Requested that the public be allowed to hear from Administrator finalists

Feb 11 2014          Supported full funding of Stormwater budget requests at Pre-Budget Hearing

Mar 04 2014        Met with developers over concerns with proposed Kingsmill building plans

Mar 07 2014        Requested 150’ protective buffer in areas being developed in Kingsmill

                              Dr. Donna Ware & two-dozen residents joined the request

Xanterra abruptly withdrew their proposal on 3/18/2014

Mar 31 2014        Informational Meeting – Leanne Pollock, Senior Planner II,

Christy Parish, Proffers Administrator

                             JCC’s Comprehensive Plan – Leading the Way To2035

Apr 08 2014        Urged Supervisors reconsider and accept a JCC-awarded state PDR grant

On Jun 10, 2014, Supervisors approved accepting the grant, rejected in Feb

May 08 2014       Presented 11 points for inclusion in the 2035 Comprehensive Plan

May 13 2014        Supported full funding of Stormwater budget requests at Budget Hearing

Supported adoption of Virginia Stormwater Management Program fees

May 19 2014         Informational MeetingStormwater Funding Challenges

John McDonald, Director, Financial & Management Services

Jul 08 2014          Supported maintaining the PSA by denying a sewer connection on Rt 5

Aug 12 2014          Supervisors deferred action on Jul 8 & Aug 12

Sep 09 2014          Supervisors denied the sewer connection

Sep 09 2014          Presented a PDR Cost-Benefit Analysis


Indicates an outcome aligned with J4C position