JCC Administrator Speaks to Annual Meeting


At it’s Annual Meeting in September, the J4C was introduced to the County’s new Administrator, Bryan J. Hill. After outlining his credentials and experience, Mr. Hill responded to questions. He described himself as “focused”, saying he is here to carry out the Supervisors’ vision for the County. He listed efficiency, accountability and matters of budget as priorities the Supervisors have defined for him and advocated oversight through numbers. He said he believes in using technology to streamline efficiency and has been able to translate this into real savings in previous job experiences. He explained that the County’s Comprehensive Plan cannot be implemented if funds are not allocated to do so. Therefore the County’s budget, the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) and the Comprehensive Plan must come into alignment.

Following the talk, J4C members elected officers for 2014-2015: Chair, John Haldeman; Vice-Chair, Craig Metcalfe; Secretary, Judy Fuss; Treasurer, Rich Strenkowski. Chris Henderson’s appointment to the Board of Directors was approved by member vote. Recognition for Lifetime Achievement was awarded to Sarah Kadec, one of J4C’s founding members. Sarah goes off the Board f Directors this year after serving in that capacity for many years. Certificates of Appreciation were given to: Wayne Moyer, Jim Brown, Ann Hewitt and Dorothea Neiman.